Good News! – Mobberley Sites Not Part Of ‘Core Strategy’

Good news on the opposition to the huge housing developments planned in the village

Mobberley R.A.M.S


We got a copy of the agenda for the Strategic Planning board meeting on the 26th and the Mobberley sites have not been put forward by the planning team as ‘Core Strategy Sites’ hence they’re not being put forward for discussion.  On the face of it this sounded like great news!!  So does that mean the developments wont go ahead?

Unfortunately its not at simple as that 😐 I contacted the spatial planning team via email and this is what they said:

“The Strategic Planning Board (SPB) are not being asked to consider including them in the Core Strategy. The list of sites that is to be considered by SPB however is not final and could be subject to change. It is also possible that those promoting the land for inclusion in the Core Strategy may submit a representation to the next stage of the production of the document (called…

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